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Free Sample of Calico Minerals 3-step Skincare Kit

September 17, 2012

Calico Minerals is offering free samples of their 3-step cleansing and nourishing skincare kit. Your kit includes Deep Refining Facial Toner, Nutrient Rich Facial Serum and Deep Nourishing Facial Moisturizer.

Deep Refining Facial Toner, to cleanse the surface and pores of your skin, removing dirt, oil and makeup, and brightening and refreshing skin with Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract.

Nutrient-Rich Facial Serum, an incredibly rich, light creme that deposits minerals, herbs and vitamins into the deepest layers of the skin, fighting the signs of aging and revitalizing skin from the lowest layers to the top.

Deep Nourishing Facial Moisturizer, a light oil-free moisturizer that nourishes your skin and protects it from dryness, irritation and free radicals, with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.


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