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Charmin Coupon Giveaway on Facebook thru 5/18

May 15, 2012

Charmin is giving away $1 bath tissue coupon on their Facebook page only to the first 10,000 through May 18th, so you will want to jump on this one. Stay tuned on their Facebook page for the latest announcement for this giveaway.

Please note the coupons are gone very fast, if you miss it then come back next day to grab yours!

Here is the time schedule for this promotion.

  • Monday, May 14 $1 off Charmin Ultra Soft 9am EST  (Close)
  • Tuesday, May 15 $1 off Charmin Ultra Strong 11am EST (Close)
  • Wednesday, May 16 $1 off Charmin Basic 1pm EST (Close)
  • Thursday, May 17 $1.50 off Charmin Sensitive 3pm EST
  • Friday, May 18 $1.50 off Charmin Freshmates 7pm EST


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