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Season Premiere of Extreme Couponing

September 29, 2011

The second season of “Extreme Couponing” premiered on TLC on Sept 28th. Similar to the first season, the show follows extreme couponers as they visit their local grocery store for their biggest purchases ever.

Many extreme couponers spend at least 2 hours every day gathering, cutting and organizing their coupons. It takes a lot of time and effort to search for online coupons and then match them to store sales prices. The majority of working mothers and fathers do not have enough time to devote to extreme couponing. That is why a website like ours is so very helpful. We do the work of finding the coupons and also matching them up with weekly sale prices to maximize your savings.

When watching this show, there are a couple things you can take away. First, always check your store’s coupon policy. Each store can have very different policies so it pays to know it before you shop. Secondly, organize your coupons in a manner that makes sense for you. You want to be able to find a coupon when you get to the store and see an unadvertised deal. An example of this would be to organize your coupons by product type (Cleaners, pet supplies, beauty, etc.).

The show focuses on the Extreme couponers but not everyone has to be so devoted. Everyone can spend just a little time and effort and save a significant amount of money. Next time you are preparing your shopping trip, simply take a look at our website and look for coupons for the products you need. Our coupons are organized by category, so it makes it very easy and quick to find the one you are looking for.

Happy couponing!


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