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Trial Size Products at Target

June 28, 2011

Before deciding to buy a new product, it is a good idea to try a free sample or a trial size. Many manufacturers offer free samples or coupons to get free products. Additionally most manufacturers sell their product in trial sizes. These trial products are sold for $1 or less. When combined with a coupon you can usually get these for free. It is always important to check the coupon closely to ensure it doesn’t exclude trial/travel sizes. Please note that trial sizes can be found at most grocery and drug stores, including Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens. We have completed a list of trial size products sold at Target. Prices may vary by store locations.


$0.97 Axe deodorant .5oz.
$1.97 Axe body spray 1oz.
$0.97 Degree women ultra clear deororant .5oz.
$0.97 Dove ultimate deodorant .5oz.
$0.97 Old Spice Deodorant 0.5oz.
$0.97 Right Guard Sport Deodorant 0.6oz.
$0.97 Suave deodorant 1.4oz.
$0.97 Secret scent expressions .5oz.

$0.97 Arm &Hammer toothpaste .90oz.
$0.97 Colgate Max fresh toothpaste
$0.97 Colgaet Total Advanced toothpaste
$0.97 Colgate Cavity Protection .75oz.
$0.97 Crest 3D white toothpaste 0.85oz.
$0.97 Crest whitening plus scope 0.85oz.
$0.97 Crest tartar protection whitening toothpaste .85oz.
$0.99 Sensodyne toothpaste

Mouthwash and floss
$1.47 Listerine Total Care mouthwash 95ml
$1.47 Listerine Antiseptic mouthwash 95ml
$0.97 Scope mouthwash
$0.97 Reach 55yds floss

Shampoo or conditioner
$1.47 Dove intensive repair shampoo 3floz.
$0.97 Garnier Fruites or conditioner 1.7floz.
$0.97 Head & Should Shampoo 1.7floz.
$0.97-0.99 Herbal Essence Shampoo or conditioner 1.7floz.
$0.97 Pantene shampoo or conditioner 1.7floz.

Hair spray
$1.47 John Frieda Frizz-ease hair spray 2oz.
$1.47 TREsemme hair spray 1.5floz.
$1.47 TREsemme gel 2oz.

Soap, body wash and lotion
$0.97 Axe shower gel 1.69oz
$0.99 Aveeno active naturals daily moisturizer 1floz.
$0.99 Clean & Clear Burst Scrub 1oz.
$0.99 Caress body wash 2floz.
$0.97 Dove men body wash 1.8oz.
$0.99 Dove white beauty bar 3.15oz.
$1.49 Dove sensitive skin unscented beauty bar
$0.99 Eucerin Dry skin therapy 1oz.
$0.99 Jergens Ultra Healing intense moisture therapy 1.5oz.
$0.99 Jergens natural glow daily moisturizer 2oz.
$0.97 Olay moisturizing bar soap 3.5oz. 1ct.
$1.49 Pond’s Moisturizer 1.75oz.
$0.99 Pond’s wet cleaning towelettes 5ct.
$0.99 St.Ives body wash 3oz.
$0.97 St.Ives Lotion 1oz.
$0.99 Suave Cocos butter with shea body lotion 3floz.
$0.97 Vaseline Men Body & face lotion 2floz.
$1.47 Vaseline original skin protectant 1.75oz.
$1.29 Vaseline men face lotion 2oz.

Baby powder
$0.97 Gold Bond Boby powder 1oz.
$0.97 Johnson’s baby powder 1.5oz.
$1.97 Johnson's bay oil 3oz.
$0.99 Johnson's baby shampoo 1.5oz.

Shaving gel:
$1.47 Edge shaving gel 2.75oz.
$0.99 Gillette Stain Care dry skin shave gel 2.5oz.
$0.99 Gillette shaving foam 2oz.
$1.47 Skintimate shave gel 2.75oz.

$0.97 Banana boat sport 1oz.
$0.97 Coppertone Sport 1oz.

$0.99 Clorox wipes 9ct.
$0.99 Cottonelle wipes 10ct.
$0.97 Kleenex wipes 14ct.
$0.99 Kleenex tissues 3pack
$0.97 Kleenex tissues
$0.97 Wet Ones 15 wipes
$0.97 Wet Ones extra gentle 15 wipes
$1.29 Wet Ones 20 wipes

$1.49 Tums 12ct.
$0.97 Shout Wipe & Go
$3.29 OFF! Smooth &dry insect repellent 2.5oz.
$0.99 Q-tips 30 ct.


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