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Prizes From Kellogg's Products

June 21, 2011

Pick up specially marked boxes of Kellogg’s® products, enter codes online to collect your points. Register an account and start fueling up on awesome stuff! (1 code = 1 point)

How to get it:

1. Collect codes printed inside specially marked Kellogg's products.

2. Go online at to enter your codes into your account.

3. Redeem codes from your choiced of CARS 2-themed rewards! Codes must be entered and redeemed by 6/30/2012.

Here is a list of prizes:

1 code: Screensaver   
2 codes: Spy Pen           
4 codes: $5 prepaid debit card for gas 4 codes
4 codes: Download an e-voucher good on any concession purchase at participating theaters 
6 codes: pocket translator
8 codes: Soccer Ball

Participating Products:

Mini-Wheats Big Bites 16oz ,Mini-Wheats Big Bites 20.4 oz
Mini-Wheats Little Bites 15.8 oz ,Mini-Wheats Little Bites Chocolate 15.8 oz
Mini-Wheats Cinnamon Strousel 16oz ,Mini-Wheats Cinnamon Strousel 22oz
Mini-Wheats Strawberry Delight 16.3 oz ,Mini-Wheats Strawberry Delight 21.5 oz
Mini-Wheats Blueberry Muffin 16oz ,Mini-Wheats Blueberry Muffin 22oz
Frosted Mini-Wheats - Bite Size 18oz ,Frosted Mini-Wheats - Bite Size 24oz
Crispix 12oz ,Crispix 17.9 oz
Rice Krispies 12oz ,Rice Krispies 18oz
Rice Krispies 24oz ,Cocoa Krispies 11.3 oz
Cocoa Krispies 16.5 oz ,Frosted Flakes 14oz
Frosted Flakes 17oz ,Frosted Flakes 23oz
Frosted Flakes 27.5 oz ,Frosted Flakes Fiber, Less Sugar 16.3 oz
Frosted Flakes Fiber, Less Sugar 24oz
Apple Jacks 12oz ,Apple Jacks 17oz ,Apple Jacks 21.7 oz
Corn Pops 12.5 oz ,Corn Pops 17.2 oz,Corn Pops 21.4 oz
Froot Loops 12.2 oz,Froot Loops 17oz ,Froot Loops 21.7 oz
Nutri Grain Apple Cinnamon,Nutri Grain Blueberry, Nutri Grain Strawberry
Eggo Homestyle,Eggo Blueberry
Eggo Buttermilk ,Eggo Cinnamon Toast


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