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May Rite Aid Video Values

April 28, 2011

There are more ways to save money at RiteAid. Not only are products on sale weekly, you also find RiteAid Video Values to save more. You can use one RiteAid Video Values and one manufacturer coupon per product. May Rite Aid Video Values video available through May 28th. We match up manufacturer coupons as list below:

Oral Care:
Save $3.00 on Abreva  and $1 printable coupon
Save $1.50 on Aquafresh Iso-Active $1.50 printable coupon
Save $1.00 on Aquafresh Kids Training and use $0.75 printable coupon
Save $2.00 on Biotene and $1 printable coupon
Save $1.50 on Polident
Save $1.50 on Poligrip
Save $5.00 on Two (2) Biotene
Save $1.50 on Sensodyne® iso-active® and $1 printable coupon
Save $1.50 on Sensodyne ProNamel® and $1 printable coupon
Save $2.00 on Rembrandt
Save $1.00 on Reach Toothbrushes and use $1/1 Reach toothbrushes (4/17 SS)

Save $2.00 on Physician’s Formula Cashmere wear™ Ultra-Smoothing Bronzer
Save $2.00 on Almay Intense I-Color
Save $1.00 on Sally Hansen Salon Effects
Save $1.00 on Coppertone and $ 1 printable coupon

Save $1.00 on TWO (2) Betty Crocker Baking items
Save $1.00 on TWO (2) Twizzlers
Save $0.50 on TWO (2) Reese’s
Save $1.00 on TWO (2) Hershey’s 6-pack
Save $1.00 on TWO (2) Homel Compleats or Dinty Moore Beef Stew
Save $0.30 on Libby’s Fruit
Save $1.00 on TWO (2) M&M Mars
Save 0.30 on Uncle Ben’s Rice and $0.75/1 Uncle Ben’s any whole grain white rice product (3/20 RP)
Save $0.50 on Stride Spark

Save $5.00 on Nicorette Mini Lozenges
Save $5.00 on NiIcorette GumSave $1.50 on NatureMade Fish Oil
Save $1.00 on Tums® and use $1/2 Tums 24ct. or larger (3/27 RP)
Save $1.00 on Neosporin/Band Aid
and use $0.50/1 Neosporin product or Band-Aid brand Adhesive Bandage product (4/17 SS)
Save $1.00 on Viactiv and $1 printable coupon
Save $1.00 on Visine-A and $2 printable coupon
Save $6.00 on Prevacid 24hr 42ct. and $3 printable coupon or $3/1 Prevacid 24 Hr (4/17SS)
Save $3.00 Cosamin DS/ Omega Mint Fish Oil and $3 printable coupon
Save $1.00 on Claritin and $5/1 Clartin (24ct.or larger) ) (4/17 SS) or $2 printable coupon
Save $1.00 on Claritin D and $2 printable coupon

Save $1.00 on Scott Bath Tissue 12-pack
Save $1.00 on Airwick Freshmatic Kit
Save $1.00 on Finish

Save $5.00 on Demasilk
Save $5.00 on Light Specs
Save $5.00 on Foster Grant/Magivision Reading Glasses
Save $5.00 on Magnivision Computer Reading Glasses
Save $0.50 on GE Light Bulbs
Save $2.00 on TWO (2) Dixie Ultra Plates
Save $1.00 on Depend
Save $1.00 on Poise
Save $1.00 on Oreos
Save $2.99 on FlavoRX
Save $1.00 on Rite Aid Brand Disposable
Save $1.00 on Veet and $2 printable coupon
Save $1.00 on Rite Aid Rx Services
Save $2.00 on Zestr
Save $5.00 on StyleScience Sunglasses
Save $1.00 on Wellness
Save $0.25 on Starburst

How to get Rite Aid Video Values Coupon:

1. Click here to choose Lysol video and watch it.

2. After watching the video, you will be asked to register or sign in your account.

3.Hit on the "Rewards" tab in the upper right of your screen.

4. Check the box and hit "print coupon" button.


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